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eCommerce Web Service

The eCommerce module is internet based SaaS (Software as a Service) service available on a subscription basis.


One of the major hurdles when providing an eCommerce site is the enormous diversity of Customer requirements and the need to provide individual solutions.

In order to allow Customers to have a full range of diversity we have designed and made available a Web Service to interface and interact with the main Accounts data files for your Company.

The eCommerce module is a Web Service which provides an interface between the Accounts package and an organisations own external web site. There is no requirement to host your eCommerce Site using us as your provider, although naturally we would prefer that you did. Nevertheless the organisations own web site can be located anywhere and the only requirement is that it is hosted on a .NET platform.

The eCommerce Module has two components:

  • eCommerce Web Service
  • eCommerce Administration

This approach provides a fully integrated solution allowing product information to be picked up from the main Product files. Subsequent Client sales (via the Clients eCommerce web site) are then loaded into the Accounts Module under the control of the Accounts Module.

eCommerce Web Service

Provides a link to the Client Accounting Package from the Client's own web site.

This interface allows the users own web site to draw upon data held within the Product Module of the Accounts package for inclusion in the organisations own web site. The available data is:

  • Product Category
  • Product Name
  • Product Attributes (i.e. colour, size etc)
  • Product Image
  • Product Attribute Pricing
  • On Sale information

Once a sale has been made on the organisations web site the web service records all the relevant details in a transaction table within the underlying Client Accounts Package database. This eCommerce transaction data is then available for uploading (via the eCommerce Administration Module) into the relevant tables within the Accounts package.

eCommerce Administration Module

This allows for administration tasks to be handled separately from the main Client eCommerce web site. This module allows for the following tasks:

  • Setting up of eCommerce site parameters
  • Creation of Accounts Package Access Keys
  • Creation of Shipping rates (or flagging for external carriage calculation)
  • Allocation of order despatch dates
  • Various other tracking and house-keeping tasks
  • Uploading sales transaction data to the Account Package tables

Technical Aspects

Both the Web Service and the Administration Module have been developed in Visual Studio .NET with Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database.